Thursday, August 26, 2004

All about Kelly

I er like to make more friends,i oso always get into trouble.....hehez....and i erm....always talk in class lesson.I seem to be the most talkative gal in class....teacher oso loathes me somehow....i can't seem to talk her through that i am a 'good' gal....I am an average student,i am not smart but i am not stupid too.I like to go out to watch movies with my friends,shopping,go to their house to play....there are oso many other stuff that i like to do at home.I like to play computer,play play-station 2,play gameboy,watch t.v and other very childish stuff.
If you wish to know me more,you can always add me in msn or send me a hello email or you can just write a comment on any one of my posts.My email is, add me if you like coz i will always be free to make new friends at any time any where and any place.As i said i am tall,so if u wish to go out and play basketball,netball or captain's ball or any other ball game,you can always ask me out.
I am a sporty gal who is veri playful,i realli play quite a lot especially when i am with my friends.I don't wish to make any BFG relationship with outsiders unless i noe you as well as my closest friends in school.At least let me see your photo at least if u wanna play ball games so i will noe roughly who am i meeting with.So far the movies that i like to watch are Lord of the rings I,II,III,Spiderman 1 & 2,Harry potter,Catwoman,I robot and Finding Nemo.Not only those but a lot more just that i am lazy to name them.
I have finished introducing myself and i do not want to introduce myself any further.Add me!And remember that my name is Kelly!Thank you for reading this and i hope that you can spread my website to other people too and once again thank you.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

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Kelly's Secret Relationship

Kelly's SECRET Relationship
(Questions asked by somebody)

Have you ever liked someone?

Have you ever gone solo dating?

Did you kiss the guy?
ANS:no,and i hope i won't get to kiss him P.S.he has bad breath

Have you ever bedded a guy?
ANS:duh're asking the obvious lolx

Wad kind of show do u prefer to watch with your boyfriend?
ANS:romance show or love story hahax....

Have you ever hugged him?
ANS:yes,but only on special occasions

Wad kind of special occasions?
ANS:his birthday,valentines day etc.

Do you like hugging him?
ANS:no...if i like hugging him,i wouldn't hug him unless its on special occasions....

Do you share your drink with him?
ANS:no,as i said he has bad breath so his saliva would stink too*yucks!*

Do you love him?

Do you like him?

Why do you not love him?
ANS:coz he gives me nothing but trouble


Saturday, August 14, 2004

Get to know more about me

01. Name: Kelly
02. Hobbies: ice skating,watching television,playing computer games of coz!
03. Gender: female duh...
04. Age: 13
05. Frinch colour: dark brown
06. Horoscope: aquarius
07. Right or left handed: right
08. Siblings:1 brother and 1 sista
09. Last 4 digits of my hp no.:2343
10: Music:hip hop,r&b,or other pop songs
11:Favourite number:8
12: Favourite food:momie's cooking is da best.....
13:Movie:lots of them especially lord of the rings I,II,III
14:Join gang?: no thanks
15:Tried smoking?:No way!it so stinks!
16:When is my bedtime?: onli when i feel like slpin....snorz...
17:Ever drink alchohol?:Siao....
18:Been on stage before?: scary!
19:Favourite colour: yellow,white and black
20:Secret admirer: (its in black colous,wanna noe who i like?left click and hilight it and u noe)i like someone....but nope!i wont tell u!hehe...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Kelly's Diary

28th July 2004

Today is my friend's birthday,not really my friend but one of my worst enemies.....His name is Adam,and his mum knows my friend.Not only that but they are on very good terms too.(P.S. How i wish they wasn't)I was invited to his birthday party not by him but by his mother.Actually i was not really invited,but his mum invited my mum and by chance also requested asking me to tag pathetic....I had no choice but to tag along with my mum to Adam's so called "fun & interesting" party where i can GET to know more friends.My mum asked me if i'm interested and i replied,"Over my dead body mum!"My mum just because of what i said seemed to offend her somehow and so she accused me of jealously as i didn't have a party last year.And she starting reciting my faults:Defiant,rude,stubborn and others,i won't say them.I think that she is just being too optimistic rather,if i had a choice,i wouldn't go nto even for a thousand bucks,not to mention a dollar.

29th July 2004

Today i had an "important" call from some stranger.Watch this-"RINGGGGG!!!RRINNNGGG!!!"."Hello?Who's that speaking?"i asked,"Are you Kelly?"asked the stranger."Yes"i repiled wondering who is that on the line."I am the head prefect of your school and i am here to pass you a message that you are invited to very special feast from the principal".I was very shocked to hear that and asked immediately where was the venue.Instead he repiled a very stupid answer,"Got ya!You are tricked!Haha!" and hanged up.Oh my god!A second ago i was invited to a very special occasion or rather a feast then 2 seconds later i was being tricked.How lame can this get?

25th July 2004

*yawn*Chinese lesson is so terribly boring....Teacher keeps on lecturing us for almost the whole entire period and blames us that now we have so little time to study.The whole class was like,"Wa lau eh...not our fault right....the teacher herself chooses to lecture us than to teach us."I was like,"Hello?This is lesson time not lecture time!"We were so accused by the teacher.....Especially when we are not in the wrong.We are not in the wrong but must say that i pity her teaching our class,all of us are really turning the class upside down.In test we cheat,in class we talk,which teacher could bear us for just a minute?I doubt any teacher could.....haiz....

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Hi,I am Kelly!

hi,my name is kelly,i am tall and i wish to make more frenz,if possible.I am from serangoon garden secondary school.I am 13 years old.i am a gal(of coz).I like to listen to music,example-5566,f4,F.I.R,S.H.E,Britney spears,Jolin Tsai,Avril lavinge,blue,black eyed peas and many other more.I have many other different hobbies too,like ice skating,watching television-Daddy's girls,Singapore idol and many other more.I ilike going out with frens,buying stuff as ya noe.....women are best at shopping heh?Hehez....I am not tat clever though,but i am not stupid either,i am juz average.